A Forum site without a… Forum?

OK. You guys are going to get sick of me and all my questions. Sorry about that. Here goes another…

One thing I’m totally flummoxed by as I learn Buddypress/bbpress/WPMU plugins (etc.) all at once (talk about drinking from the firehouse!) is why this super-hot, really-cool, totally badass forum software… has no freakin’ forum?!?!?

I’m having a real problem getting my head around this, and I freely admit I’m probably missing something here. But as in the famous “Where’s the beef?” commercials… Where’s the Forum?

Now I know there’s a forum, so I’m being a bit hyperbolic. But what I don’t get, and what this is all about, is why THE FORUM isn’t front and center, as in every other forum I’ve ever seen or forum software available today? I mean, as far as I can tell, because of the “url.com/forums/forum/whatever,” you can’t even *have* a Forum tab/page, per se.

Specifically, you can’t go direct to the Forum with one click. You’ve either got to know the URL, or go first to Groups or Topics to get to the freakin’ forum. Say what?!?!? Talk about convoluted! Isn’t WordPress supposed to represent the *simple, logical* solution over other platforms?

Why can’t I have THE FORUM as a tab/page, and even have it showing – as in every other piece of forum software – front and center for all to see?

Or am I totally missing something here? Help!

What I’ve done so far with my first WPMU Forum/Membership site is here, if you want to take a look: http://ufoextraterrestrialforum.com

NOTE: as a noob to this sort of WP site, I also found the “Groups Forums” vs. Site Wide Forum stuff very complicated and confusing, but I realize that’s not WPMUs fault, either.