A+ / MarketPress faster purchase process – Less Steps


Hi, @Hakan and @Timothy here are a few things that I’m now working to make the process more user friendly.

1) I’m now trying to cut the process of purchasing an item in the Appointments + / Marketpress to make the system have less pages in the process and finally make the purchase process simplier and faster.

I’ll be using ONLY cubepoint as payment. So the user must buy credits before making a purchase in the site.

When the user clicks the checkout button in the cart, it leads him to the Payment information page. I’d like to cut this page and go straight to finish. Since the user does not need to select any payment option (only cubepoints is available), I think it would be more straight forward to my user and would avoid cart abandonment.

2) I’d also like to make the A+ CONFIRM BUTTON to automatically add the service to the cart. Today when i click this button, it makes the ADD TO CART button to display and then the user needs to click the add-to-cart button to add the service. I need to cut this extra click and make it direct.

3) The service added to the Cart shows today the appointment ID. It does not help the user to identify what he is buying. I’d like to change this info and trade the ID for the Service Name. That would be much more valuable to the user when he looks to his cart.

[Ex. Agendamento Vizoni: 213 (30/11/2012 17:00)] – switch from 213 – A+ ID to the SERVICE NAME he added to the cart).

Can you help me with any of this features? I’m also sending this URL topic to marketpress devs.