A network of multi network wordpress sites


this is just an idea in my head but wanted to know if it can be done or not before I waste time trying it and getting hyped up about it.

I would like to create a netwrok of multi network sites where each network will have its own domain name. Now the main question is can each of these small networks operate like a wordpress multi site where each small network can have a market place and a pro-site and domain mapping operating independently from the other networks and each small network gives the ability to customers to open sites/stores of that network. I ask this because from what I understand based on a normal wordpress multi site that when a customer wants to create site or store it has to be created fromt he main site and can’t be from a subsite as then it will be subsite of a subsite which result in error, so How can this be done in multi networks.

if the above didn’t make since: here is an example of what I mean; lets say the main site is main.com and this will have 5 networks created by me and l want each network to operate independently so its as if I am creating a separate multisite where network1.com will have subsites network1.com/demo1 network1.com/demo2 and so on and also the same for the other networks network2.com/demo1 and so on. does this work or do the subsites always have to be created from the main site so they will be main.com/demo1.

from what my understanding this is how edublog operates I maybe wrong as I am still new to wordpress

any enlightenment and help would be much appreciated and thanks a lot in advance