A Question for the SEO Experts/a little bit funny


I just realised that my site for the keyword Shopezy is now third, 2nd is my facebook page and first is this new RANDOM site which I won’t like to but it’s the NET version of my http://www.shopezy.co.nz

I checked the backlinks and it’s got 0 but used to have 27.

It’s got a page rank of 0

Domains age is 10 years (mine is only 14 months)

the site is also empty… it has some dancer going around in circles for fun with a world clock

looking at the old backlinks it used to have 11% with anchor text of shopezy but not even from any good sites

So yes I am very confused on why it is beating my site and from NEW ZEALAND…. like .co.nz normally beats .com and .net if you search from new zealand.

Very confused.

I am not worried as my keyword is not shopezy but it would be nice to understand.