Activating a deactivated site on Multisite

Hi Guys.

I have a client that had some copy right issues with the content on their website, so she told me to take the site down for awhile. So I deactivated the site, so that there wouldn’t be anymore problems until the issues was resolved.

Since they only had some problems with content, I cloned their website to a new subdomain and removed all the content that had issues (there were only issues with products in woocommerce). I am now trying to get the new temporary website on to the clients domain, but it keep saying that the domain is not available (same as when I deactivated the domain). I’ve tried activating the real website again, which i had no problems with, but this didn’t change anything – the domain is still unavailable.

During this above period of time, I have changed the dedicated IP address – I dont know if this could give some other issues, but it was more as a FYI.

The domain is and the main website is and the new temporary site is

So my question is – how can I get the domain to work again? Is there something that i need to do before it will work?

Have a great day!

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