Add Additional Question Filters


I asked this question before and was supplied with some code but I can’t seem to locate my original question on the forum. Anyway, I can explain again here.

I am trying to implement some more question filters to the Q&A plugin. In my original question I used stackoverflow as an example of what I was trying to achieve.

To Sum Up.

In the top level filters it would be nice to have a “Tags” – “Users” – “Categories” filter up there.

I was also interested about sub-filtering (not sure how best to describe this) but when I click questions, I then can filter the questions themselves by “Votes” – “Newest”

I guess all the date is there from the questions it is just a matter of how to filter it on the frontend.

I was supplied with this code snippet to get it working but it did not work. I was hoping to re-visit this topic and get some more guidance on it.

Regards //S

Code Snippet you provided me last time was