Add functionality to Appointments+


I have had users complain about a bug in appointments+ when using the system through mobile devices.


User chooses ‘3 hour green cleaning’

User chooses ‘service provider’

iPhone user selects ‘done’ from iphone menu

android user click ‘show available time’ button under ‘service provider’ dropdown list

User chooses ‘service date’

User chooses ‘service time’

User then views confirmation page and the service is ‘1 hour green cleaning’.

Note: system thinks that the user selected ‘1 hour green cleaning’

Even the available service times are related to a ‘1 hour’ service.

I have verified this issue with

Android browser

Android Firefox browser

Android Chrome browser

I have verified this issue using multiple themes, including 2014.

iPhone 5c Safari

iPhone 5c Chrome

Please add functionality so that when a user selects the ‘service’ the system automatically updates ( performs the function of the ‘show available times’ button under ‘service’ dropdown list ) then the users selects ‘service provider’ the system should update.

System should update each time a user changes selections.

Having two ‘show available times’ buttons confuses users.

This is a big issue as I have feedback that I have lost several customers because they believe the system has a bug.

Please help.