Add to default font list in BlogsMU template?

I’m using the BlogsMU template, with a child theme, and have two Google handwriting fonts I want to use in various places.

I’ve done the @import into the child’s CSS style sheet, and attempted to define the headers there. I can use the font on the site with HTML in the text boxes, so I know I’ve got them…but the theme ignores the header definitions in the Stylesheet. I checked my syntax and even copied the one from the Google fonts page. Nada. The fonts work fine if I put them in as html spans around individual blocks of text but that’s a pain in the…well…you know.

I’ve downloaded the WP Google fonts plug-in, and tried specifying H4, etc. via that…and still the theme ignores the change.

And aside from actually getting the header definitions to work…is there some way I can insert them into the default font list (the drop down menus) so I can find them, and just let the theme have its way with them?

The only answer I could find was a 2009 “we don’t let you because…don’t ever do that” that pre-dates Google Fonts.

FWIW, I’m trying to install Rock Salt & Homemade Apple as alternatives to Reenie Beanie.

Thanks… :slight_smile: