Adding new server-side commands when a user deletes their account?

Again, this one is a real riddle which no else has an idea who to do it.. so.. here goes.

Users on my site upload file content in my wp-content/uploads along the period they have an account with me (it’s set up to be similar to Facebook.. “Private Social Networking” I call it) and if they choose to delete their account I would like the server to delete the files associated with them as well.

I suppose this is a two fold question.. first a script needs to be added to the account deleting function (where ever that is) so it can DELETE said files and the files uploaded need to be connected to that user somehow so the script can delete them..? I was thinking prefix the filenames with their user name or user ID..

Any ideas are appreciated, and if anyone wants to work with me to make something like that work that would be really awesome :slight_smile: