adding thumbnail slider code to PHP file

Hi! I’m trying to add a bit of code to a PHP child theme file.

The attached screenshot (step 1) shows the thumbnail slider on an existing page in my website. This is the result of shortcode dropped into the post area. Straightforward.

The next screenshot (step 2) shows another page on my website. The template for this page does not have a post area that accommodates the shortcode the way the template for the page in step 1 does.

The final screenshot (step 3), shows a mockup of what I’d like the page in step 2 to look like, with the slider inserted right above video player (and the title of the video subject).

In the step 3-mockup, I’ve also increased the font size of the video subject title, as well. In a perfect world, I’d find out how to do that, too.

Many thanks for any light you can shed!