Advanced Custom Field Design

This is about to be an indepth conversation. I’m finding myself at a sort of soduko stalemate in how everything might fit together for this One situation. (I’m sorry, i’ll try and word things well. I’ll also try not to ask about too many subjects at a time. even if related. Its my biggest problem in searching for plugings. i find myself searching table keys and functions for hours. for instance, i needed a user to be able to view another users posts-by-author on that authors profile page, but could only ever find current_user…… eventually i found a great specialty plugin that adds a ‘posts’ tab to each users profile page…. epicness after multi-searches of toil)

anyways, so here goes….<HR>


i need a POST where your able to ‘vote’ for a USER to present a TOPIC at a LOCATION.

I figure a custom field would work better than a category because each post has only one location, and therefore each post has one vote count.


I would prefer to have each posts have a field_array locations, and have each location votable. My best way to do this would be to have wordpress present each meta_value of LocationsArray as a Meta_key for an integer, and have an integer update THAT meta_key. Is this possible?


Assuming this is not yet possible (i dont want to write a plugin) my next best option is a post template that suggest a dropbox of alternative locations. If this location has already been presented, you will be directed to its votable post. if this location has not been presented, you will create a duplicate post with this alternate location (which will then be votable)


I hope i havent lost you, this is 1 out of 4 :stuck_out_tongue:. Now, my current speedlined method I’m falling back on is that the SPEAKER when presenting a TOPIC idea will specify a LOCATION. and thats it. if someone were to want that topic closer to them, they would have to communicate through messeges, and share post links after they were hand-duplicated with a new location…. which is… bleh.

if 1a is possible… thank goodness.

if 1b is possible… I could really use help on having a template for ‘posts with same author and same topic, and an ?ajax? dropdown box that will activate a counter update for the specific selected postID


I need a dropdown field of states (doable). Then, based on the value of that dropdown field, i need an automatic dropdownbox of counties. idk where to start.

I tried GEO at WP plugin, but it is both too free and too detailed


this is about the counter. im not inclined to use your vote app. im using ‘thankyoubuttonplugin’ which works well for [1b] and [1c]. not [1a]. I do have a question about it, but I’ll hold off for that reason :slight_smile:

its so nice to type that all out instead of messing with google,