Advice on multisite (200+ sites network)


I’ve been struggling with this project and I’d love to get some advice from experienced multisite users (which I’m not).

The client is a service club that has many local divisions through the country, each of them acting more or less independently.

Here are the requirements:

– A master website that introduces the organization
– 200+ sub-sites, one for each local division
– Each sub-site should be very easily and quickly created by the network super-admin
– Each sub-site has at least one admin, plus regular users
– Each sub-site must have the same look as the master site (everything should be locked, except the logo and name to identify the local website)
– The content is mainly articles, events (calendar) and pictures (galleries)
– Each sub-site must be autonomous about its articles, events and users
– The master website must be able to publish some articles and events on all sub-sites
– Users must be able to register/log in with their Office365 account
– All of this in 5 languages.

I’m a long-time Avada theme user, so I’ve started to build the website with Avada.

I use WPML for the translations, Ultimate Member for user management and The Events Calendar for the events.

Unfortunately, the Avada team have just told me that it doesn’t meet the conditions to use a single licence… Meaning my client would have to buy 200+ licences at $60 each. Yeah right.

So I am now in a situation where I must find another theme that doesn’t interfere with all the above requirements… and with a single licence.

At this point, I have 2 questions:

1. Is all of this possible at all? The 200+ sites scare me a little bit to be honest…
2. Do you have some nice themes to recommend that work well with multisite with just ONE licence?

Any help/advice/tips will be REALLY appreciated here. Really, any!

Thanks ;-)