Affiliate, what's the procedure to the Database ?


Today i have a big question for you, maybe you can help me ? :wink:

I need to extract some informations from my database to execute a “cron job” every x minutes with another application.

To do that, i need to extract members informations like email, user ID, ect… I know i can do that with the table “wp_signups”, it’s not a problem…

But with the plugin “Affiliate” i need to extract the “sponsor email” or “sponsor ID” relative to each user.

So my question is :

What’s the table in database when i can exctract the “sponsor email” or “sponsor ID” for each user ?

(I don’t see that in “wp_affiliatedate table” who’s only listing affiliates, not the complete members list)

Or maybe you know the path or the way ( i don’t know the good word in english lol) used by affiliates plugin to make a registration ? What is the way on database to create an account with them informations ?

I’m using :

1/ affiliates plugin on network activation

2/ Membership activated on main blog

3/ Prosite on network

4/ Membership and Prosite are activated on affiliate plugin

5/ Buddypress for registration on main blog

Finally, a good job for me will be to extract informations by the Database for each member like this :

alias (pseudonyme) or ID / email / sponsor ID or sponsor email /

Thank you if you can help me, and i hope my explanation is clear. :slight_smile: