Affiliates / Membership: documented shortcode bug re: Advanced Details / Referral URL

Hi team –

WP 3.4.1

Membership 3.1.1

Affiliates 3.0.1

This bug is only happening in the shortcode – I don't want Affiliates in the backend of the site.

Attached is affiliate-bug1.jpg and affiliate-bug2.jpg. These are two different views of what appears to be the same bug. In the first screenshot, the second link should come from In the second screenshot (after clicking Update Settings), the first link should reference

You can poke around by logging in to (user: tyleraffiliate / pwd: speak2me)

Three side notes on Affiliates:

1) a nice feature would be to disable the Affiliate Advanced Settings. I could turn it off, and not have the urgency of needing a fix, like i do now.

2) the plugin provides text areas for the first two sections on the Affiliates page, but not the third section, Affiliate Details. This creates problems semantically if I want the stats on a separate page from the details.

3) hilarious bug on Firefox 12 (Mac) – the tables just keep adding rows and rows and rows – after ten minutes, a page is thousands of pixels tall and keeps growing.

Thanks much!