Am not able to 'Add' domain name to my sub-domain

I am going round in circles here with this Domain mapping plugin.

I have read the documentation again and again, also watched youtube videos on domain mapping through WordPress and all say to “Add” the to the sub-domain.

Here is what I have done: I have created a sub-domain of my main site. I have set the IP A Records address to point to my main site, I have set the nameservers to point to my main site address. i have also parked the domain name in cPanel. I have gone into the Dashboard of my sub-domain site, clicked on Tools > Domain Mapping….yet, here may be the problem, I do not seem to have the ‘Add’ button for the domain name I want to add. I only have ‘Map Domain’ button. Each and every time I try to add my new domain name using the Map Domainbutton, it shows the ‘Domain name is unavailable to access’ as shown in your Usage documentation. I have been trying to set this up now the past few days… really needed on this, if only to stop me from going insane :slight_smile:

Where am I going wrong here?

Oh, a further point…I tried to ‘Delete’ the site in Tools, just above Domain mapping, yet is not sending me an email as is supposed to according to the Delete information?

Thanks to all who may reply in advance

Going round in circles, Peter