Amazon Flexible Payments Service (FPS)

Please add Amazon FPS to your gateways for MarketPress and Prosites!

check out some of it’s features:

Accept one time payments on your website for selling physical goods, digital content, and services using Basic Quick Start.

Execute periodic or delayed payment features required by subscription and usage-based services such as digital music and online storage using Advanced Quick Start.

Facilitate transactions between a buyer and a third party seller, take a cut of the transaction, and have control over who pays the transaction processing fees with Marketplace Quick Start.

Aggregate multiple payments, including micropayments, into a single, larger transaction and charge the customer before or after the service is provided with Aggregated Payments Quick Start.

Programmatically access account activity using Account Management Quick Start. Alternatively, account activity and balances can be viewed on the Amazon Payments website.

It’s unreal! You guys would gain huge popularity among developers if you offered this!