Anti-Splog affecting registration page rendering with Internet Explorer 8

I enabled “Identify the Cats” and saw a problem with Internet Explorer 8 on the registration page.

The label “Human Verification” was near the top of the page and the cat images were directly under “Blog Details”.

In Firefox, I explored the layout with Firebug. Even here, I noticed that the Cat images (though now joined with the label) were not where I expected them. They appeared above the Profile Details even though they were below that section in the HTML code shown by Firebug.

Another thing that was odd was finding multiple DIVs with the same id – is that legal?

Following the pattern that I saw, I came up with a quick hack in anti-splog.php to change the id

of the Cats DIV to “profile-details-section”

Change From:

} else if($ust_settings == ‘asirra’:wink: {

echo ‘<div class=”register-section” id=”antisplog”>’;


} else if($ust_settings == ‘asirra’:wink: {

echo ‘<div class=”register-section” id=”profile-details-section”>’;

The rendering is now fine with both browsers.

So I’m wondering where the root problem lies here?


– Scott