Anti-Splog Bulk Delete problems


We’re using Anti-Splog on a very large free-signup blog site. When attempting to clean up the Recent Splogs section using the Delete bulk action, after a few seconds I get a blank page (the server is actually throwing a 500 Internal server error).

We’re using Anit-Splog 1.1.1 on WP 3.2.1, using multi-user, multi-site, multi-database; twin web servers behind a caching reverse proxy, all using nginx on Debian 6 (Squeeze) and sharing the document root using NFS. We have a metric-ton of plugins available to bloggers, so weeding those out is not a likely option. We use memcache and wp-super-cache as well.

I turned on debugging in our integration environment, and this is what I found:

[a whole bunch of WordPress database errors for non-existing tables]

PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 64 bytes) in /var/www/ on line 203

I played around with throwing more memory at PHP in the /etc/php5/*/php.ini and wp-config.php files, going as high as 2GB. At 2GB, i just get a “502 bad gateway”. At 900MB, I was able to get it to go though and actually delete every once and a while.

I tried pulling out object-cache.php, but that doesn’t solve the problem. When I do that, I still get a 500 internal error, but this is the last line of the errors:

WordPress database error Table ‘wpmu_18.wp_284187_options’ doesn’t exist for query SELECT option_value FROM wp_284187_options WHERE option_name = ‘show_on_front’ LIMIT 1 made by shutdown_action_hook, do_action, call_user_func_array, autoblogged->ab_shutdownIntercept, is_front_page, WP_Query->is_front_page, get_option, m_wpdb->query

Is anyone else having problems with bulk deletions? I can delete a blog one at a time; it’s only the bulk action that is giving me problems. Even better would be if anyone has a script to just blow out everything in the recent splogs section; we have over 400 pages of them.