Anti-Splog compatibility with Ajax Register Form


I’ve been testing this ajax register form from Buddy Dev

Works well for what we’d like to do and seems to support parts of the anti-splog plugin (and TOS) without too many issues. However, there seems to be a problem with the re-captcha and I’m wondering if maybe you might have a quick fix for this. If not, I’ll revert to the admin questions which work.

When re-captcha is enabled, the form loads fine but quickly redirects to the original registration page. I’ve noticed the following error in the console:

SCRIPT5009: ‘_bpajaxr_recaptcha_config’ is undefined

File: bp-ajax-register.js, Line: 135, Column: 3

Looks like the problem is in this function:

function enable_cpatha() {

if ( typeof grecaptcha == 'undefined' ) {
return ;

grecaptcha.render( 'bp_ajaxr_ajax_form_validator',

you can see the issue @

I’m just wondering if maybe you might have an idea on how I could quickly fix this… if not, as I said, I’ll use the admin questions for now. Would be nice to fix this though.

I’ve also opened a ticket with the plugin vendor to see if they have a clue.

Thanks. Your help is appreciated!