Anti-Splog – Feature Request – Could it be so much more?


A harsh step to take but I would like to see some geo IP blocking, banning, suspending, etc….

Most of our spam comes from China, I have no business in China, if all of their traffic was dropped it would stop a lot of spam and save some bandwidth.

There are various methods to achieve this I know.

I saw a recent plugin which helps control content per country: Perhaps something similar can be achieved on a global scale?

Another interesting link:

I’d also like to recommend you take a look at a plugin which I use on ImpressCMS, just for some ideas, it helps handle some attacks as to strengthen security:

Anti splog could be so much more!

Protects from various kind of attacks like:

– DoS

– Bad Crawlers (like bots collecting e-mails…:wink:

– SQL Injection

– XSS (not all though)

– System globals pollution

– Session hi-jacking

– Null-bytes

– Directory Traversal

– Some kind of CSRF (fatal in XOOPS <=

– Brute Force

– Camouflaged Image File Uploading (== IE Content-Type XSS)

– Executable File Uploading Attack

– XMLRPC’s eval() and SQL Injection Attacks

– SPAMs for comment, trackback etc.

It records into its log.

This could help defend against poorly coded themes and plugins, F5 attacks (bruteforce), etc, etc.

As a side question, what do all you guys do? Tolerate it? Block it? Something else?

Yeah so as a feature request, could Anti-Splog be more?