Anti Splog not working?

I still see under Settings in my dashboard after setting my API key. This is a reisntallation.

>>You must enter an API key and register the IP and WPMU Site Domain of this server to enable live splog checking. Get your API key and register your server here. You must be a current WPMU DEV Premium subscriber to access our API.<<

I checked the key and the site is already reigistered but I do not see an entry for the IP address. I deleted the domain and reregistered it. Showing green.

The widget is not showing on my home page but when I login I do see


>>This service has analyzed 1 blogs for your site(s). You have marked 0 blogs as spam, and 0 blogs as not spam. We have processed 23 total requests from your servers!<<

I am not sure if it’s my old stats.

What could be the problem or is this normal?