Anti-Splog Spam Blog Via Email Link Broken

I searched these forums but couldn't find any mention of this error …

We just upgraded to WP 3.0 MS with the latest versions of all our premium plugins, so I thought I'd test the "Spam this Blog" link in the New Blog Registration email. It still does not work.

Clicking the link results in a blank WordPress branded page with a Confirm button and no other content. See attachment. Clicking Confirm redirects to ms-admin.php with no errors. But the blog does not get added to recent Splogs in the Anti-Splog tab, nor does it get marked as spam on Super Admin / Sites.

Manually spamming the blog from there works as expected, with appropriate warning text on the Confirm page, and the spammed blog getting listed on Anti-Splog / Recent Splogs.

So, Anti-Splog is working, just not the spam via email link. Thanks for all your time, effort and support.