any photoblog plugins available?

this could also be posted into the job category but I’d rather get some ideas and opinions first before posting there.

I thought about offering photo blogs on a wpmu installation, optimizing and hiding some unnecessary parts of wpmu so the whole platform turns into a photo blog.

I thought about using the integrated wpmu media options but I think a dedicated plugin like one of these two would make mroe sense:

Unfortunately the first one has huge problems because all the paths are not tailored to wpmu and it is using timthumb which seems incompatible with wpmu so far…

What do you think? does it make sense to hire someone to modify one of these photoblog plugins? the first one looks especially good, there are even a couple of themes around that are specially tailored towards this plugin…

Also the first plugin, has some accompanying widgets that offer extra functionality i.e. a widget that shows newest pictures site-wide.

Or would you rather go with the built in media options of wpmu? Give me some input please :slight_smile: