Anyone heard of this issue?

Using WPMU 2.7.1 and BP 1.0. Using BP default home and member themes. Only one or two plugins installed that are not WPMUDev premium plugins.

I have posted this thread on the BuddyPress forums as well but no response. While I read that someone had a similar issue and it was a plugin issue, but the exact plugin wasn’t named :slight_frown:.

If I login through the BP login bar I am able to access the site and view profiles, etc. but when I attempt to access any part of the blog back end through My Blogs/(blogname) admin/dashboard, new post, etc… I get redirected to

And I am asked to login again. Anyone got any ideas as to why this may be happening.

Just realized the opposite is true as well. If I login through wp-login and go to my BP profile I can see my profile but it says ‘i must be logged in to access my account.’ Like I am a visitor.

Thanks and I really appreciate any suggestions, tips or ideas of how to remedy this situation.