Appointments+ 403 error – still unresolved

Hi, I posted an issue a few days ago and it’s unfortunately still not resolved. The crux of it is I’m getting 403 errors when attempting to sync my Appointments+ plugin to my Google Calendar. They say it’s on your side and you say it’s their issue and I’m in the middle with no idea whether the API scopes issue he mentioned is applicable with your code. I’d like to orchestrate a 3-way conf call with a WPMUdev engineer and my Google Apps tech support engineer. Can we do this in the next day? Barring that please advise what you would do in my situation. thx

the last message from Google tech support below:


[#03156893] Google Cloud Storage – Appointments+ API [ ref:_00D00VNwG._50060QQWVC:ref ]




6:11 AM (3 hours ago)

to me

Hi Sean,

Thank you for your response.

I understand that you’re experiencing ‘403 forbidden’ errors whilst attempting to sync your users’ Google Calendars with the Appointment Plus tool. That said, As the developer of this third-party tool is making requests to the Google Calendar API on behalf of your domain it’s most likely that the issue is being caused by either a configuration issue on your end that’s preventing your calendars from being accessed by Appointment+ (such as defining API Scopes to authorize API requests for your users), or equally, an issue with the developers code; nonetheless, I’ll try to assist you with this issue best I can.”

To investigate further, can you please follow up with the exact request and response from an API call that most recently failed with the 403 error?

To allow edit your calendar events from service account, you have to give permission from your calendar configuration (Calendar configuration -> Share this calendar) to the email account specified into Google Api Console (email adress).

Please include the error Google’s server returned for this particular request.

Please try to provide a failed request which was sent very recently such as less than 24 hours. I look forward to your reply.



Google Enterprise Support

Case: #03156893

Subject: Google Cloud Storage – Appointments+ API

Not covered by the Google Apps Customer Agreement, including the technical support service guidelines.

– Domain name:

– Service Name: Appointments+ API

– Error Message 403 Forbidden error

– Customer purchased Appointments+ from market place and was unable to use it due to 403 Forbidden error, customer was hitting storage limits and needed enable billing for Google Cloud Storage.

Have you waited more then 24 hours after ENabling the service? Y/N

Have you waited more than 24 hours after DISabling the service? Y/N