Appointments+ and credit card payments

First let me outline a couple of things…

1. I already know that Appointments+ doesn’t support major credit card payment options

2. I’m a complete newcomer to online payment anything

I’m currently putting together a website for a massage business. I’m using Appointments+ which is great. My clients though require online credit payments when bookings are made.

I’ve already committed to using Appointments plus with the hope that somehow I’ll be able to incorporate credit card payment options at a later date.

Has anyone been able to do this whilst using Appointments+?

My research so far has given me some hope that this might be possible. I’ve been in contact with and I’ve been given some hope that with the addition of a shopping cart plugin of some sort that it could be done.

My thinking has been that when a prospective client makes a booking, the booking then makes its way to a cart where a credit card payment can then be made.

Like I said I’m completely new to this. I just wanted to put my thoughts out there and see if anyone has already done something similar.

I’d love to hear your thought’s.