Appointments+ Custom Integration into Microsoft Nav (Microsoft Dynamics)


Hi Guys,

I am working for a client who wants to have their Appointments+ bookings sent to Microsoft Nav (Microsoft Dynamics) – a one-way send. The web service on the Nav side will essentially be a URL which I can post stuff to. I was thinking about using PHP SoapClient to write a connector ( which would post the information from Appointments+ to the Nav web service. Just checking first to see if you have a guide, or advice on how to go about this? On the Nav side, they are exposing a web service for the connecter to post the Appointments+ information into.

I have reviewed the current list of Appointments+ Add-Ons. Wondering if you have plans around releasing an Add-On which allows for an sync feature from Appointments+ into Microsoft Dynamics (unlikely but I thought I would ask)?

Thanks heaps Guys… Jez