Assira and Antisplog issues

Here is the report from one of my users

-filled out blog domain

-filled out blog title

-set privacy to NO

-Human verification — this was blank. nothing there to verify

-clicked Create Blog

Page returned with the note at the top “There was a problem, please correct the form below and try again.”

So I went thru the page again. This time the Human verification was not blank, the pictures were there. I went thru and identified the cats. Clicked Create Blog.

Page returned with the same message. Scrolling thru the page again under Human verification there was once again nothing. Clicked Create Blog.

Page returned with the same message but this time the pics were back under Human verification.

I went through this cycle three times. Still unable to create the blog. I can not tell from the UI side what is wrong.

I switched to the question verification and it seemed to work Ok