"Attn: Michael Bissett" I have another question..

See now that’s what I’m talking about Rockstar support !!! Nice work Bra!

Here is my ftp for the site:

[removed for security]

1) So when I log out I notice it still leads me back to wordpress login.. I do have ultimate branding so I don’t know if this is the answer or if there is another way to get ride of all WP ban dings and logins. but that is the goal.

2) So I noticed that the text above the large video on the front page was black on black background and white on all other pages.. can we get that White on the front page too so the words ” Take a serious moment and ask yourself… What’s in your financial future?” show up?

3) These last cosmetic things on the front page may be nit picking but would be awesome if it could be done if it was not to difficult. I will upload a image so you can see what I’m taking about but I will give a quick description here too..

a) when you first load the front page you see the header “Gold Rockstars” at the top left, the padding at top thats blue is good but the padding below it in blues is thicker. I would like to see the padding the same top and bottom.

b) At first when page loads, the fold lands right in the middle of the large video, I was wondering if another thin section could be added there in between the gold section and the black section that would lock on to the fold line making the large video in the black area just below the fold.. then maybe I could add another image in that new fold section.. like this. http://goldrockstars.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Above-the-fold-font-page-image.png

and the background could match the blue with a color code or I could just drop in another image like the specked gray.. like this http://goldrockstars.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Light-Gray-noise.jpg – I think that would make the site look a lot cleaner than a video cut in half. Then with background and the option for image or color in the CSS I could change the color and the image in the future if I wanted.

There is just not a lot of flexibility with this theme but I’m stuck with it because it was the only thing I could fined that worked with buddy press, wp-mlm and was mobile optimized.

So the last question is how do we do this where it all sticks, so when the next update comes out for the theme it’s not all lost again?

I really appreciate you making those last changes and fixing the site for me my friend I knew you where the guy that could make this happen.

Thank you very much



PS. I also noticed that the image i gave you that you added in that one section on all the other paged had some white around the edges, so here is the image where the white has been cropped off. also I could not find this section in the CSS so I couldn’t just do it myself.. Did i miss it or is it somewhere else? I really like the way you outlined everything So i could see what was what in the CSS.. thanks you for that.


thanks again.

let me know where the tip jar is. :slight_smile: