Auto Blog Feedback


With the the current autoblog plugin, any sites that turn the plugin on can view and edit all autoblog feeds at will. This would be similar to having a contact form plugin that once turned on, enabled all users to view and edit any forms created by any other website on the install.

This behavior means that usually only a SuperAdmin or the person running the install will usually turn the plugin on and will then assign and create feeds for sites on the install as needed, they are a moderator for feeds, if you will. This can be good in some scenarios and not so desirable in others.

If there are lots of users trying to create feeds, they are going to have to go to the SuperAdmin, whom is the gatekeeper, any time they want to add or edit feeds. This can create a lot of work and not be an option in some scenarios. More importantly users get NO ACCESS to the plugin settings for their feed so they can’t customize which tags are added, which category articles go into, or any of the other great features and control the plugin offers that users will likely want to customize on their own.

If AutoBlog was turned on on a per blog basis and each blog could set their own feeds for only their site, this plugin would follow a more traditional path, if you will, in that each user could control the plugin for their own install and not be dependent on the SuperAdmin in any way. This would likely require an ability to limit the number of simultaneous feeds users can add so that you could limit them to say 1 or 3 feeds, or whatever, though.

Using the contact form plugin example, a user could turn autoblog on for their website, add feeds only to their website, not be able to view feeds created by any other users and not be dependent on the Super Admin …. It probably wouldn’t be too hard to also enable only the Super Admin to be able to assign feed to ANY site as is default for the plugin now, so that the plugin could be used as it is today with only one site turning it on and / or on a per site basis with each site using it and turning it on …

Thinking that many users might prefer this type of approach with the plugin, especially on a LARGE install with thousands of users where having the Super Admin moderate feed usage by editing and adding feeds may just not be viable or desirable……

Finally, although I don’t use the supporter plugin, this could be one more value add if per site control was offered to paying clients as an option via the supporter plugin, just a thought.

Any feedback appreciated. :slight_smile: