auto posting all active titles from the Directory plugin to a page and infinite scroll question

Hey folks,

Issue #1 of 2:

I have someone who, on a subsite, desires to have just a running list one under the other of all active Directory plugin titles (on a separate fresh pages). Preferably also clickable to the Directory post.

Title of Directory Post 1

Title of Directory Post 2

Title of Directory Post 3

Title of Directory Post 4

Etc etc etc

What is a fast and simple way to just populate a page with this info (can have it automatically populated with new Directory posts are added or removed). This what, if the person goes to that simple page, then it will be up to date.

Issue #2 of 2:

For the Directory plugin, what is a simple way to enable infinite scroll to all Directory lists (vs. pagination)? Something that can be done with little fuss (I have looked at some of the top plugins but really they seem way to complex and overkill for it). I am surprised there is not a built in infinite scroll option in Directory plugin settings actually.

What do you think?


Happy New Year!!!