Autoblog doesn't work right in plugins, activates on all sites in mu

I posted this question in another thread on Dec. 8,(, but haven’t heard back and thought maybe the thread was dead. So here is my question again.

When I installed Autoblog as indicated (in mu-plugins), it showed up in the dashboard of ALL the blogs in the network. What I’m reading here though is that it should be just on the main blog, which can use autoblog to feed to the other blogs. I’ve read in a different thread that perhaps I’m supposed to install in plugins and not mu-plugins. But when I do that it indicates there are errors even though it seems to work.

My issue is that when its installed on MU all blog owners have the option to use it, which if I read correctly isn’t supposed to happen (and I don’t want except as an upgrade).

I’d also like to know if the autoblog plugin will ever be modified so that it can be used with supporter as an upgrade option?