Autoblog HTML showing in posts.

I have installed Autoblog to post some craigslist classified ads, but it is posting the html in there… at least some of it…

It is showing up like this:


This will be a combo garage sale with items from a few different people, but I’m listing some of my stuff here as a heads up! Ladies clothing sizes 2 – 10, jeans, tops, winter and summer, casual and dressy/work and party, also several formal dresses…super cute stuff! Some furniture, a stereo, lots of cute decorations and candles and picture frames, cappuccino/expresso maker, makeup, luggage…lots and lots of nice stuff! Come check it out!!!</p>

<p>1601 Goliad Drive, Arlington, TX 76012</p>

<p>Friday, 8am – 4pm

Saturday, 8am – 12pm


***I can’t get the code to show up right here, but it is leaving the break codes < br > in there the paragraph breaks are.

Any ideas what might be causing this? I tried on separate sites, and also checked the feed and tried different feeds.

I have it installed in mu-plugins… I was perusing the forums and saw that that might not be the correct way to install… could that be a problem?