Autoblog on multisite setup

Hi, I’m having a strange problem with Autoblog on my multisite setup:

Autoblog is not activated network wide. It is activated for two subdomain sites in the multisite setup. We’ll call them SD1 and SD2. The setup I want is this:

– Post is published in specific category on main blog.

– It auto publishes to both SD1 and SD2 subdomains.

When I set up the Autoblog feed in SD1, I indicate that I want the posts added to SD1 in the “add posts to” section. When I set up the feed in SD@, I indicate that I want the posts added to SD2.

But that changes the settings for SD1. So, in other words, whatever subdomain I choose in the “add posts to” dropdown becomes the setting on both subdomains.

I saw that 3.3 of Autoblog is multisite compatible — am I misunderstanding what it can do?