Autoblog Support for Custom Taxonomies / CustomPress


I’ve created a custom post type and custom taxonomies related to the RSS feed items I’m importing, and have noticed that while Autoblog beautifully supports writing to custom post types, it does not appear to see my custom taxonomies to even offer them as a choice.

Considering WPMU offers CustomPress, a competitor to the WP Types plugin that I used (there are many fine choices to create custom taxonomies), I’m surprised that Autoblog does not seem to support custom taxonomies.

Therefore, I’d like to request that Autoblog add support for custom taxonomies.

My suggestion is that in the Edit Auto Blog Feed admin screen:

1. A post type will be chosen.

2. Based upon the chosen post type, all taxonomies valid for that post type should be offered as a choice of the taxonomy to use.

3. Once the taxonomy has been chosen (tags, category, or other custom taxonomy types), a list of available taxonomy items should be presented for Autoblog to assign to feed items.

4. “Treet feed categories as” and “Add any that do not exist” should support custom taxonomies as well.