Autoblog YouTube Feed does not embed video.

Hello, I am trying to use the Autoblog plugin to post from a youtube user’s uploads feed. I activated the youtube addon for it, but it does not seem to actually grab the video embed (as the info icon says it was going to do).

I am testing with this feed url:

It grabs the title and description beautifully, but fails to display the actual video.

I have tried to debug this, and deactivated all other plugins, and switched to the TwentyTwelve theme, and it still does not work.


So via another post on here, I found that you have to pass some variables in the url, none of which make any sense to me as to why they make a difference, but they do:

However, the video is showing up now (Which is the most important part), but now it does not show the video description, just like this post:

That post was made about a year ago, has there been an update? Is there currently a way for me to get the video description?

I am now using this feed url: