Autofocus Theme – Need help cleaning up altered CSS

I have changed the layout of the home images (posts) to reflect a vertical format as opposed to more horizontal. I pretty much have it all done except a few things are out of wack as a result of my playing around with the CSS. I searched through the CSS and tried things I thought would be applicable but without much luck.

I was wondering if someone could take a look at the attached image with notes and point me to the right css. The issues are noted on the attached image but I’ll list here for searchable sake.

1 – blue color font is coming up in the title and nav type, not sure where it’s coming from? It’s not set in the autofocus options? maybe I changed it somewhere and cant find it

2- now that I changed the size of the images, the mouseover text boxes are out of line, I’m not sure where I can change them to line up with the new image size?

3 – a few of the borders or padding (not sure which) has dissappeared between a few of the images but are ok between others, cant figure out why?

4- I changed the big date size in the post images to be smaller but now I cant seem to change again. I think I changed it on line 389 – .page .post .bigdate but maybe not because it doesnt seem to work now.

5- I changed the images to be 2 rows and wider but for some reason the last image wont show

CSS and image with notes attached. Online can be viewed at :