Avatars plugin – enhancements

Hi all!

We made major enhancements to the Avatars plugin and released version 3.5.0.


1- The installation procedure is now very easy. Just upload the plugin files to your mu-plugins folder and that’s it (no more files to upload to several locations, no more editing of the .htacces file, etc.).

2- The avatars upload folder has changed: now ‘wp-content/uploads/avatars’ instead of ‘wp-content/avatars’.

3- The users avatar is now on the user profile page.

4- The plugin is now translation ready.

5- Various enhancements and bug fixes.

Note: The plugin will not work with BuddyPress since the latter has its own avatar system. You will get an admin notice when you try to use both and the Avatars plugin functions will be disabled.

Upgrade from old versions

To upgrade from old versions, remove all the old plugin files from the folders ‘mu-plugins’ and ‘wp-content’, and the line you added to the .htaccess when you installed the previous version. Then, upload the new files to the ‘mu-plugins’ folder.

Don’t hesitate to use it and let us know what you think.