BBPress / BP integration

I followed an excellent example presented by:

And all seems to work according to groups having forums, etc. Some things are missing, like the toolbar above the text editor.

My biggest problem is that once entering a group, the user will have to shuffle down to the forum before realizing they must JOIN the group first. Once in, they can type text in a window and move along.

I don’t see a widget to post forum activity on the front page. Any ideas there?

I’d rather not have 2 sites, a forum and and social site. The integration may mean something other than my understanding: 1 site, forums are a component in the site.

I have a single group: All Members, that I’d like to automatically become a member of the group so they may post on the first forum freely.

Going to the forum, i.e. results in a non skinned bbpress install. I’d like to see that go away completely per my observation earlier.

Any ideas? Again, probably something simple missing here…

In short, I wanna make it look almost as cool as your forum looks.

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