Bbpress plugin, theme options, wondering what is most current?

I have a plan… (Oh no!) and want to see if I am understanding the most recent information. Everything I have is a new install just 2 week old (WP, BP, and bbPress)

I have groups in my BP site and each group will have a forum. (So far, this is set up okay)

I want a general forum where people can post without belonging to a group. I have not done this yet. Is this information still the most current on how to do this?

I also am trying to not recreate anything if I don’t have to and I like the edu bbpress template. Would it be possible to use this template/feature for the main forums? If it is not possible in the group forums, that is okay. But I feel like I am stacking up themes/plugins, etc.

I am currently using x2 theme by themekraft but considering moving to one of WPMUs as they seem to have more feature built in (for ease) as well as it would decrease my dependency on many plugins.

My site is I can send login details if you would like. Thank you!