BBPress rights/permissions question

My forum is buddypress with the BBpress built in, setup as forums for groups.

I see that you can set forum posts to “lock” (you cannot edit or delete them anymore) after a set period of time. I set that time to be an hour.

However, days pass, and all users can still edit or delete their messages.

Now…I also noticed that everyone on my buddypress installation is an Author, which they have to be in order to add things to the calendar (I use all-in-one event calendar I want my community to use the calendar without me having to auto-approve messages, but it appears to be at the expense of allowing them to be forum-masters.

I want to make sure I have this correct. For BBpress , what is the recommended user role? Contributor? Subscriber? Again, I have them all as authors but I should perhaps change that.

And yes, someone is going to mention there is a snazzy group-calendar on wpmudev, and it JUST so happens my girlfriend asked me this week “is it possible for each group to have its own calendar events?” hahahaha…yes, honey, but it involves switching calendars! (hopefully your calendar doesn’t involve making all my users authors so they can enter things on their own!)

lol….so that’s a few questions and concerns there. I don’t want to switch my users to different roles if it’s not going to fix the BBpress issue, but I do not like them being able to delete their forum posts several days after they posted them. Being able to edit them is even worse, as BBpress doesn’t show that the post has ever been edited. That feature can be greatly exploited.

Hope I made my questions clear, ask away if not. :slight_smile: