Being Splogged – Help Please !!

I installed WPMU Anti Splog and some WP caching tools ….

I then removed the WP caching tools because I couldn’t log in to the admin section any more.

I changed post .. I did all kinds of stuff. The spammers are STILL spamming my site and adding entries like crazy ( http:// www . w e b l o g s . i n / a c t i v i t y )

Now, for some reason I get

“Permission Denied

Not Found / No Access

The page you are looking for either does not exist, or you do not have the permissions to access it.

When I try to reach the login page. Also, when a user pass are entered on the main page of the social theme it simply redirects me. I’ve done so much on & off not sure if creating new accounts works at the moment or not however I know last night I created a new accoutn and could not login.

Problem #1 ) How can I fix this so I can log into admin ?

Problem #2) How can these sploggers still post entries when you can’t even log in ? Is it possible they are injecting directly into my mysql or using some post method ? I really don’t understand it.

Problem #3) Shouldn’t the anti-splog plugin be killing these splogger sign ups ? I think I have had 2,000 new accoutns created in the last 24 hours.

I only have 1,000 actual real users. Cleaning this up is goign to be a ROYAL PITA. Any suggestions on that ? If not I will just plan a couple days of manual deletion but yowsas … I thought the anti splog plugin would pick this stuff up and automatically suspend the blogs.

Any help on how to get logged in first and foremost would be awesome.

I might do a deny all except my IP here shortly just to take the load off the server … but it doesn’t matter until I can get logged in and I want people here to be able to look and offer advice. Main problem is I can’t get logged in :slight_frown: