Best plugin recipe for rewarding referrals

Hi All,

Sorry, this turned into a verbose message…

Looking for some direction about the best collection of plugins to knit together for the desired result. I’m getting close and think that I may need to get something custom developed, but before I do, I thought I’d throw it out to you.


– building a multisite network w/Buddypress at the “home” site

– members can create blogs (I will eventually use Supporter to offer upgrades, etc.)

– I want all members to have the incentive to draw attention to posts made on other members’ sites

– reputation points seems like the best way to do it, but social sharing, affiliate logic, etc. also plays into it.

– basic rules: 1) post to your site and earn points

2) some other member comes along and shares your content and you BOTH earn points (you for having content worth sharing and him/her for being generous enough to share your stuff)

3) points earn your elevated visibility for your posts on the home page, ability to qualify for premium membership, etc.

So I can ALMOST cobble this together w/your plugins + cubepoints. Any thoughts are appreciated. My current scenario:

– cubepoints + buddypress plugin for it

– comments plus from WPMU Dev. Cubepoints allows me to give points for comments. W/Comments Plus I just FORCE those points to be either FB or Twitter — so the visibility happens that way.

But the sharer can then just go to FB or Twitter and delete the post (w/out losing the points they just earned).

So could I use Affiliates to solve this problem? That way I wouldn’t have to dictate *how* a member gets others to visit one of the sites on the network. Would Affiliates work across the whole MU network, even if some of the blogs are using domain mapping? I would want the affiliate “credit” to translate to reputation points for the referring member, not to $ or a commission.

Thank you, in advance, for any direction.