Better Forum Search And Category Filtering


Thank you for your excellent service line, plugins, themes, Upfront, and ALL that you as a team do, truly in a LEAGUE of your own WPMUDEV.

One element of great frustration for me has been finding solutions in your forum.

I believe you made a switch to the new forum layout in the last few years, as I remember things were a bit different.

I have an issue FINDING answers and posts, it is extremely frustrating, and I believe it leads to too many questions being asked that are duplicate, mainly because it is so difficult to find / search data on here.

There used to be separate forum categories for each of your plugins / themes, this was GREAT because you could go to the relevant topic and search what you want or at least focus on a particular product.

Another issue is your built in search, it is VERY poor, I often resort to using an external search engine to target your site to find things, as you can imagine, this is NOT very effective.

The built in search often shows blog posts first, and I do not find any built in ways to filter a specific category, plugin/theme, or section of the site.

It will be very helpful to improve this as it is very necessary to easily find support in the forums before submitting a new ticket.