Better Site and User Searching and Management Needed


This is a suggestion for a plugin.

In WP Multisite, when you get more than, say 20-30 sites/users, the built-in site and user management options could use some improvements.

My scenario is that I provide websites for customers through my Multisite installation. When it comes to support issues, a customer will e-mail me and I often have a hard time finding their site so I can help them. In other words, matching the customer’s name or e-mail with their site.

For one thing, it would be great if you could search by mapped domains. When customers contact me, if they mention a site name at all, it’s going to be their domain name and not the site it’s being mapped to. There isn’t a way that I’m aware of to search by mapped domains.

I think better search options would be nice, and even better yet, maybe some sort of customer management system where additional information could be stored for each customer, with notes on their account, other searchable contact information (sometimes customers have multiple e-mail accounts), billing history (I can’t use Pro Sites because it doesn’t support the payment gateway I need, plus I don’t like the way it works), and any other relevant information I might need about that customer. Right now I have to store all this in a spreadsheet, but it would be much more convenient to have it all within WordPress.

It would be nice to be able to search in one place for whatever piece of information I have on the customer, such as a first name, and e-mail address, a domain name, etc. and be able to get to all their info and go directly to their dashboard. As it is, often I have to do several searches in the Users section and find out what their site name is, then go to the Sites section and search for their site, then I can go to their dashboard and help them with whatever they need. If there was one place I could go and search and get to the customer’s site from there it would save a lot of time.