Blogs-Mu Child Theme Custom Splash Page

Hi Support,

I’m using a Blogs-Mu child theme on my site and want to create a splash page very similar to the one currently on or The page will be different from the “home” page of the site and will have the following features:

– Header & footer with some unique nav buttons specific to that page only.

– Background image unique to that page stretching across the full width.

– Call-to-action sections in the content for i) Pitch ii) New user registration and iii) Existing user login.

The actual “home” page of the blog with content, service descriptions, etc. will sit behind this page.

I’ve taken a look at the Custom Login and Full-width page templates but not sure how to implement the above – i.e. have the above features solely for that page only. Any advice and tips as always greatly appreciated.

Happy blogging,