bp-adminbar is 28 pixels too low?

Sorry to post this but after 2 hours, I give up. The only way I see to do this is to edit the bp-adminbar .css which I have to believe is the WRONG thing to do.

However, playing with it in firebug shows me that it moves the admin bar back to the top of the page.

http://tkdunion.org I’m trying to show in order:

Buddypress admin bar

an include file of the translator flags which are called with <div id="flags">

and my header which is a background image.

I truly love this theme by the way, you guys might consider offering it except that the magazine-style images are pretty sensitive.

I know this is a css issue but I’m pulling my hair out so if you can take a quick firebug look at my home page and let me know any suggestions, I’d be extremely grateful.