BP-Community Theme Widget Problem

Evening everyone, I am using the BP-Community Theme but I am having a probelm dragging and dropping the widgets.

Under the Available widgets and am able to click and drag the Archive and bp-community | BuddyPress Random Groups widget but none of the widgets after those can be dragged.

Under the inactive widgets I have a similar issue. I can drag the bp-community | Twitter and bp-community | Most Comments widgets but no widgets after those.

I have uninstalled all plugins except Buddypress and continue to have the same problem.

I initially updated the theme via the WPMU upgrade plugin but have since uninstalled the theme and Buddypress and reinstalled the updated versions.

I am using WP version 3.2.1, Buddypress version 1.5.1 and BP-Cummunity theme 1.3.9. As a test I tried a couple other themes. I am having same issues with the BP-Social and BP-Corporate themes. The BP Business theme allow me to drag the widgets but when I add a Text widget it doesn’t allow me to add any text ot html.

I am very close to having my site where I need it for launch but need to add the widgets. Any help would be greatly appreciated.