BP Fun Profile Subnav

Hello all..

I am doing some modification of the BP Fun theme that has primarlity to do with changing the items in the various subnav items.

I am trying to remove the “activity” link in the BP fun theme (I have activity feed showing up on the profile page so this is duplicative).. I am also trying to remove the Friends, Groups, favorites subnav items from the items returned from <?php bp_get_displayed_user_nav() ?> .. then re-add them as buttons elsewhere on the page..

First order of business is to be able to simply remove an item from the xprofile subnav.. I tried putting the following in my bp_custom.php file located in /wp-content/plugins/

function my_remove_activities_from_nav( ) {

global $bp;

bp_core_remove_subnav_item( $bp->profile->id, “activity” );


add_action( ‘xprofile_setup_nav’, ‘my_remove_activities_from_nav’ );

I understand the first argument passed to bp_core_remove_subnav_item() is the parent_id and the second is supposed to be the slug.. what am I doing wrong here?

Assuming I gain control of removing item here.. Is there a way to filter the returned <?php bp_get_displayed_user_nav() ?> items so i can put them on screen in different groupings on the page.. I really just want to put some item in the standard subnav location on screen.. them take others and create a vertical menu…

Any help is appreciated..