BP Scholar Admin Bar Layout issue in 1.2.7

Hi Folks (particularly Tammy…you’ll probably fix this in a jiff :slight_smile:

This issue occurred after updating to BP Scholar 1.2.7. I know this is a seemingly small issue, but it affects the layout on every page.

Current Platform – WordPress 3.0.4 and BuddyPress 1.2.7.

Issue exists in both Firefox 3.6.13 & IE8.

I have included some screenshots below to help illustrate.

Though the issue appears to relate to the ‘body’ padding at ‘Line 1′ of .adminbar.css’, there appears to be something else at play which I cannot find.

Ever since I have been using BP Scholar (from 2.1.6), I have had an ‘adminbar.css’ file set-up in my child-theme folder. This custom file only altered the abovementioned ‘Line 1’ code from ‘padding – 25’ to ‘padding – 0’. It has worked perfectly until now.

The child-theme file is no longer working as it is being over-ridden by the main theme file.

The problem is that when I do edit the ‘adminbar.css’ file to remove the padding, it overlays the login-bar when I login. This did not use to happen. This issue occurs in both the frontend and the dashboard. Although it seemed ok in the dashboard for a while (the cache was emptied beforehand).

I have tried all the usual measures – emptying cache, turning plugins off etc.

I do hope you are able to assist…and thanks in advance.


Stephen G

PS I really like the new ‘Dashboard’ link in the Adminbar Menu. Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue: